I found a bug

Please check first whether the bug has been noticed in Issues or Pull requests.

If not, please open a new issue with label bug. We do not enforce an issue template for now, but we recommend a bug issue to include a description of the bug, configurations of your Python environment, and code that may reproduce the bug.

If you already know how the problem could be fixed, you are more than welcomed to open a pull request with label bug and fix it. Again, we do not enforce a PR template for now, but we recommend you to follow best practice. A unit test is required to cover the found bug.

I want to develop a new augmentor

Adding a new augmentor is usually a task requiring a significant time commitment. Therefore, we want to discuss with you about the necessity of the proposed new augmentor first. Please open a new issue with label enhancement. Please do NOT open a PR until the plan of implementation is discussed thoroughly.

I have a question/suggestion

Please open a new issue. For questions, please use label question. For suggestions, please use label enhancement.